Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Rob has left the Midwest

Rob is officially on the East Coast--partying it up on New Year's in Chicopee, MA. He made it without incident through IN and OH, the most notoriously boring stretch of this particular trip, and then hit snow in upstate NY (who would have guessed?!), but is safely only hours away from Maine. Hurray! With any luck, he will be crossing that blessed bridge from Portsmouth, NH into Maine before lunchtime tomorrow.

Crossing that bridge always makes us cry, or shout in delight, or both. I wish Willa and I were there to cross it with him.

We, however, are still cozy in Evanston. Our playgroup friends and across-the-street neighbors Elise, Glynis and Elora came by to keep us company for awhile, which was so nice of them. We didn't leave the house--it was about 14 degrees here today--so the diversion was very much appreciated, as was the chance to say goodbye.

I have spent the evening internet-window-shopping when I should be doing other things. Joanna (also a playgroup friend, by the way--we couldn't be making this move this comfortably without our dear playgroup!) has the most wonderful German linens in her house, and I'm pretty obsessed, and trying to find available facsimiles. Willa likes them, too.

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