Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In transit

Rob left Evanston just a few minutes ago--wish I'd taken a picture of the car, with hardly a spare inch of room--and Willa and I are happily hiding out at Joanna's: Willa's reading all of Zora's book and I'm reading Joanna's fashion magazines, yippee! Ravit will be over soon to keep us company, and then Wills and I will hole up for the new year and then be headed on our way by plane on Friday morning, weather permitting.

We met our tenants yesterday and they are lovely. Willa talked the ear off of their 11-year-old daughter, quite enthalled to her. They're moving in this morning, and they've got our old phone number, so don't call it! If you need to reach us in the next few days, Rob's got our cell phone and you can email me for Joanna's number.

A little weird to have our stuff scattered all over creation--some with me, some with Rob, some in a truck somewhere, some in our friend's basement, some in our Evanston apartment...We'll be glad when all this limbo is over.

Meanwhile, the baby is occasionally moving very gently. Seems to be a calm one.

Send clear-road vibes for Rob and clear-sky ones for us on Friday, please!

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