Saturday, December 20, 2008

Join us, won't you?

So today begins our journey to Maine for the next year and a half, in that tomorrow we move all the stuff we won't need for the next year and a half, and that our tenants don't want, into our friends Marjory and Eric's basement. Thanks, Marj and Eric! Thanks, Ravit and Gabe, for helping us with this part of the move!

The logistics are confusing--believe us, we know--so just FYI, our tenants move in on Dec. 30, at which point Rob drives off into the sunset...I mean, sunrise, since he's headed due east...with Maisie and our car loaded with stuff. Not that loaded. It's a very small car. With lots of bumper stickers. If you look carefully, you can tell which one is ours when it passes you on I-80/90.

Anyway, Rob and Maisie and the car leave, and Willa and I stay at our friend Joanna's place (with Ravit along for some sleepover fun) until January 2nd, when we fly to Portland and meet up with Rob. Who will hopefully be there, assuming he does not get caught in a snowstorm. Which is a big assumption, since he is driving the actual snowbelt, around Lake Michigan, past Lake Erie, and over through the brutal Buffalo-Syracuse corridor we know so well.

Then we'll all be at Margy's in Brunsick for the weekend, while I teach at Stonecoast, and then Rob and Willa and Maisie and the car head up to Belfast on Sunday the 4th, while I stay down until the 7th to finish up the residency.

Phew! The basic idea is: we all hope to be in Belfast together by January 8. And we are hoping that our truckload of stuff arrives shortly thereafter.

Between now and then: Chaos. Packing. Chanukah. Lots of takeout. Some fetal movement (let's hope). One three year old with a cold that will go away soon (let's hope). Two very tired grown-ups who just want to be in Maine already.


  1. we're excited for you guys! have a safe and wonderful adventure--you have some tremendous experiences ahead of you. lots of love, marjory

  2. you'll need a lot of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    come 01/08/09.

  3. I have a gmail account that I'll use to email you
    but answer on my verizon email. thank you

  4. Happy Chanukah! We're thinking of you as you start this new exciting stage in your life. Changes are good!

  5. Hi Arielle, Rob and Willa (and Maisie!) -- I'm so excited for you all as you embrace this new adventure, as I know how much Belfast means to you -- please get there safely, very much looking forward to your updates and will be thinking of you as you enter this new chapter -- I hope we connect this summer in NH or Maine--
    take good care,