Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year from Maine!

We made it! We're all here! Although right now we're split up, since Rob, Willa and Maisie are in Belfast and I'm down in Freeport teaching at Stonecoast. But tomorrow, barring bad weather (which is indeed predicated, of course), I'll be headed up to Belfast, too, and then we will all be there in our new place, and awaiting the arrival of the truck with our stuff on it.

We'll also have our own Belfast phone number soon (woo-hoo!), so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, we all had a lovely visit with Margy in Brunswick, and now I'm having a wonderful residency at Stonecoast, Willa's started at Cornerspring Montessori, and Rob is busy getting things settled and visiting with the amazing friends we already have in town before he jets off for the Deep South next week (he's working for Louisiana State U.). Louisiana should be quite a change from Maine, and he just got here! Ah, well. By end of January, we should have all our Maine stuff in Maine, all of us together in one house, and everything starting to feel like a new, normal life...just in time for the joys of a Maine February.

And guess what? Two of the Belfast "fab four," a group of women poets in town, are at Stonecoast, and they've invited me to read with them in February, so they can introduce to me further to the town. (Although Rob and I are not sure there's anyone left there that we don't already know!) I'm really honored and touched to be asked to join these amazing women and to be welcomed into the community, and the poetry community, in this way. See how magical Belfast is?!

Pictures of the house and our family altogether to follow...

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