Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rachel's homebirth video

Have you all seen this? It's the homebirth-promoting movie my friend Rachel made after having her third. She just revised it to enter in a maternity video contest. Check it out; it's really fantastic. Then rate it highly!

Eventually I hope to make my own, though I don't have film footage--it happened too fast for me to remember to call my friend next door who films births!


  1. Dear Four,
    I tried to get Rachel's video, but it didn't want to come up.

    We love the photos of Jem and Willa. He was THE BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT OF ALL FOR WILLA, and what a lovely mother's day gift for you.
    We are so happy!!!!
    Moma and Papa

  2. Just looked closely at Jem----you're right, he's a Greenberg.