Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New pics (even ones of me!)

I promised photos in my post earlier today and here I am, delivering on time (let's hope the baby follows suit).

Here's Willa in her fancy party dress (sadly, the only time she's worn it so far!) on her way to her friend Abi's birthday party with her Dada while I was in Wyoming. Note, too, the birthday bow, complete with rainbow-colored cupcakes on it.

Below are some photos from Maine Maple Sunday, an all-state celebration in late March of the running of the sap. We hauled up to Steuben, in Downeast Maine, past Mount Desert Island, on a very chilly day, to Painted Pepper Farm:

where we heard a folktale about maple syrup in a tipi and petted some of the resident baby Nubian goats, from which the farm family makes fudge, chevre and artisan goat's milk gelato (oh, yeah, this is Maine, alright!):

We underdressed Willa in cotton socks and rain boots, and her toes got cold and she had a meltdown, but was luckily healed by the restorative powers of gelato.

And, because you asked, here I am today, at thirty-fourish weeks, all dressed up for a screening of a birth film at the local library that I organized for tonight:

I'm enormous, n'est-ce pas? This is one sticky-outy baby!

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