Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy April Fools' Day!

Here we are celebrating April Fools' Day because it means we're in APRIL and we're that much closer to MAY and spring and the baby and all the rest of it. It also means we're in National Poetry Month. Hurray to all of that hopeful stuff!

Not much news to report: Rob and I are just trying to get through as much work as we can before the baby comes, and I am inching ever closer to being able to order up my cloth diapers and the rest of that fun stuff. Willa is teaching us songs she's learned from Montessori. Maisie is eager to get outside and sniff the grass under all the melted snow.

For April Fools' Day I posted a satiric message through the Citizens for Midwifery grassroots news message. Anyone interested in a political birthing moment click here.

I am huge, huge, huge.

Hopefully, pictures of me, pregnant as all get-out, and of the super-fun Poems Downtown project I've done with Belfast poet laureate Linda Buckmaster to follow soon.

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