Sunday, July 5, 2009

A few things I love about living in Maine

Barely any time to post lately, with the adjustment to two kids and Willa going through some hard older-sister/four-year-old stuff, but I wanted to catch a second to post a few things I've been grateful for in our lives here these days:

1) Small town living. I love that we know people wherever we go, that we always run into a friend at the co-op or library, that everyone is so interconnected. It is profoundly reassuring. Gossipy, and I can imagine it becoming claustrophobic, but it also really feels like people in this area matter to one another in a deep way.

2) My waffle iron. I got a waffle iron, because Willa has been eating a lot of frozen waffles for breakfast lately--at her own request, and the health store kind, but still, too much frozen food! So I got a waffle iron, and today made my own waffles. With local eggs, milk, and flour, of course. And they came out really well, too. I'm very excited to make waffles for our upcoming visits from family!

3) The view. I take it for granted sometimes, but it's pretty incredible to be able to watch sailboats, kayaks and tugboats go by in our "backyard," the harbor.

4) Our CSF (community-supported fishery). We pick up a share of delicious, just-off-the-boat fish every week from a lovely cooperative of friendly fishermen and their families. The price is great, it supports a true Maine economy and sustainable fishing practices, and we eat so well and so healthy.

5) Constantly meeting new, cool, like-minded young families in Waldo County. Where do they all come from?!

6) The fact that a new, hip arts space and music venue selling locally-made crafts and a new independent record store (do we still say "record store"? Well, I guess I do!) just opened up in town! Yay!

There is much more, but I'll stop there for now. And I will quickly say what I do not love, which is the constant rain of late--I was cheerful about it for a long time, but now I'm over it. Luckily, today was partly sunny, and I think we're getting more sunny days this week. Hurray!

And tomorrow, I hope, I will post my new photo of The Boy, who is cuter every day, and now officially smiling.

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