Saturday, June 20, 2009

summer begins

Our life is a bit too crazy and exhausting right now for me to post much, but I did see something the other day I wanted to blog about: a guy, in his 20s, barefoot, sitting on a picnic table in the park that overlooks the harbor, masterfully flying a kite high above him. Pretty cool.

Last night we had a ritual to turn our friend and doula Ava into Jem's "fairy godmother." We crowned her with a wreath of wildflowers Willa and I picked in the backyard in the rain, presented her a fairy wand we made from a piece of driftwood, and gave her wings (which we bought from a Hollywood costume company online--nothing too idyllic there!). The midwives were there as witnesses.

Here's photos from this and other recent events, including Jem at 8 weeks. (At his six week postpartum visit he weighed almost 12 lbs.--he's huge, and starting to hold his head up really well. But no smiles-on-purpose yet...we're waiting and hoping maybe the first one will come on Father's Day tomorrow.)

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