Friday, February 13, 2009

Willa's in the paper...again

The photographer for the local paper seems to looove Willa. There was a big photo of her at the MLK Day celebration in the paper a few weeks ago, and now here's another one of her making valentines at the Cohousing open house last weekend.

On tap for this weekend: having Jewish friends over for shabbat tonight; the Camden farmer's market; postering for some upcoming birth films I'm helping organize for the Maternal Wellness Center; another back-to-the-land interview we're doing as a family; and horse-drawn sleigh rides on yet another farm. Maybe some prenatal yoga and knitting with my friend Sara, too. Hopefully we'll have some photos from all this to share soon.

Oh, and:

Rob conducted our first new back-to-the-lander interview out on a farm this morning with our new lovely voice recorder, and it came out great!

And I got tenure!

And my sabbatical got approved by the sabbatical committee (it still needs approval from the Provost)!

And a publisher wrote to ask if I have an agent for my midwifery book and indeed I do and they're going to meet soon! And I'm getting the proposal off to the agent very soon!

Big week. Meanwhile, I'm hitting a wall pregnancy-wise, starting to feel a lot slower and more tired and muddle-headed. I better get while the getting's good.

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