Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prenatal, 25 weeks

Just got back from our second prenatal with Donna and Ellie, a nice loooonng talk about all my fears and hopes, plus of course the regular midwifery appointment gossip about real estate and mutual friends and stuff like that. And Anna, the new midwife on board, gave me some good herbal advice and is looking up some other ideas for me related to the (very minor) issues I've had related to this pregnancy.

Anyway: blood pressure normal; pee stick looked great (it never looked this good with Willa, so I must be eating better this time around); nice loud baby heartbeat heard on the Doplex. In other words, I'm a regular old pregnant lady.

And I've been feeling really well, if occasionally battling the feeling that I just don't quite believe there's a live baby for me at the end of this journey. I am very hopeful and cheerful, but part of me just can't totally buy it. As Ellie said, this is probably not a bad self-protection strategy.

I also told the midwives my goal for this birth, which is to enjoy it. I really love giving birth and this will probably be my last time out and I want to savor it, have it feel fun and joyous and just like a good time.

All signs are pointing to Girl--this pregnancy closely resembles Willa's in many ways, much more so than Day's, and the midwives are also guessing girl based on some stuff I won't go into here about conception...and all this probably means it will be a boy. I'm fighting the urge to find out.


  1. Hi Arielle:

    Congratulations on the new baby on the way. That's really fantastic.

    Apologies for contacting you here, but I don't have a current e-mail address for you.

    I know that the Gurlesque is a concept that you developed originally (at least I believe so), but I know that fact mainly through conversations I've had with others. Is there an essay you wrote or group of essays in which you talk about the concept in more detail? And if so, how would I get copies?

    My e-mail address is, and any information you could give me through writing me at that address would really be great.

    Thanks, and thanks also for your comment on my blog.


  2. it's so tempting to find out, isn't it? we didn't know with luke; with the twins i knew, but erick didn't. i just couldn't resist that time.