Saturday, May 23, 2009

An update

Sorry I haven't posted much lately: we had a baby, so it's been a bit busy!

Here are just a few notes from the Bywater household:
  • At his two-week postpartum visit, Jem weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz, which is pretty much the maximum weight gain one could expect in that timeframe. And he is already outgrowing the sweet preemie things we got him since they were the only things that would fit him for those first few weeks. But now he is definitely filling out and fitting into regular newborn clothes. Go, Jemmie!
  • Jem has already used the toilet several times. Rob (who is charge of all things diaper-change) has been encouraging him to pish outdoors, off our balcony, and now into the grown-up toilet, and he's doing it very consistently, immediately, and well. Is he precocious or what?! Go, Jemmie! Go, "Elimination Communication"!
  • Nicknames we have been using for Jem: Jemmie, Jemedy, Jemolo, Little Tiny, Sweet Pie (the last two are Willa's. This morning Willa also called him Gorgeous, as in "Hello, Gorgeous.").
  • Speaking of gorgeous, the weather here was in the 80s and sunny, with a cool ocean breeze. Yesterday we walked to the farmer's market in town, saw our friend Morty juggling to a live performance of 40s standards, and bought Cyprus-style cheese, local greens, and a loaf of rye bread and had a proper ploughman's lunch. Yum!
  • Midcoast Maine is starting to open up for tourist season. Everywhere we pass is getting landscaped and painted for the summer, all the stores and restaurants are getting going, and we're starting to see some out of state license plates (besides ours). It will be interesting to be here as "residents" once it starts to feel like Vacationland.

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